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Legal Notice

Accessing the website implies automatic and unconditional acceptance of these terms of use. The CCAF reserves the right to update these legal notices at any time without notice, and invites users to check them regularly. Any changes or additional content added to this website will be subject to these terms of use.

These terms of use are translated for information purposes only. In case of any discrepancy between versions, the French text shall prevail.

CCAF – Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières
This website is published by the CCAF (Commission de Contrôle des Activités Financières, Financial Activities Supervisory Commission)
Address: 4, rue des Iris – 98000 Monaco
Tel.: (+377) 98 98 43 59

Director of publication: Gérard RAMEIX – President of the CCAF

Technical service providers
The website at https://ccaf.mc is hosted by Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, a foreign-registered company with a share capital of EUR 25,000.00, listed in the Nanterre companies register under number B 831 001 334, with registered office at 38 avenue John F Kennedy, L 1855 99137, Luxembourg.

The CCAF gives no implicit or explicit guarantees relating to the operation and/or content of the website. The CCAF will not be held liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, commercial or otherwise, that results from use of the website. The CCAF does not guarantee the continuity, accessibility or availability of the operation of this website and the associated services. The CCAF declines all liability for any viruses which may be imported when downloading content from the website or from third party websites accessed by following links found on the CCAF website.

Scope of content
The CCAF endeavours to ensure that information published on its website is accurate and up to date. However, it accepts no liability for any errors or omissions whatsoever affecting the website’s content, and in particular the accuracy, correctness, up-to-date nature, reliability, or completeness of information.

Where laws, regulations, standards, other legal texts are reproduced on this website, only the version published in the Journal de Monaco has legal force.

Other editorial content has no official value and is published solely to provide information about the CCAF’s activities and to facilitate access to website content.

The CCAF expressly reserves the right to amend or delete all or part of the content, or to suspend publication, at any time and without notice. The CCAF may not be held liable for the potential consequences of such changes.

Hypertext links published on the www.ccaf.mc website
The website may provide users and third parties with links to other websites or online resources. The CCAF does not control these sites and is not liable for content, advertising, products, services or any other material available from these third-party websites. The CCAF is not liable for any proven or alleged losses or damage suffered as a result of or in relation to the use of third-party sites, or the fact of having trusted the content of third-party sites or the goods and services available on these third-party sites. Users are responsible for and bear all risks relating to their use of content found on this website, including where they rely on the timeliness, usefulness or comprehensiveness of this content. Should a link lead the user to encounter unlawful content which infringes current legislation, the user should cease browsing the site concerned to avoid incurring the sanctions stipulated under the said legislation and facing legal action. In such cases, the CCAF invites users to alert it and the relevant authorities immediately to the presence of an automatic link to an unlawful website.

Intellectual property
Images, logos, and content found on this website are protected by copyright. Any extraction, exploitation or use of the above must be done in accordance with applicable legislation.

Users may reproduce all or part of the content published on this website subject to the following conditions:

  1. The source of content reproduced: www.ccaf.mc.
  2. Content reproduced elsewhere must be marked with “©CCAF”.
  3. Content must be distributed free of charge.
  4. The integrity of content reproduced elsewhere must be preserved.
  5. The content must not be reproduced for purposes that infringe public order, personal rights, or applicable legislation in general.
  6. There must be no confusion as to the existence of any affiliation, certification, or approval by the CCAF.

Creation of hyperlinks to www.ccaf.mc
The creation of hyperlinks leading to the website www.ccaf.mc is permitted purely for information purposes, relating to personal data protection rights and privacy. Such links may under no circumstances suggest any affiliation, certification, or approval by the CCAF.

Personal data protection
In accordance with the provisions of Act No. 1,165, of 23 December 1993 on the protection of personal data, as amended, the CCAF undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal information supplied by users when requesting information or otherwise communicating via the website. Such information is used as part of automated processing for the following purpose “Public Information Website”.

Personal information collected in this way is retained for as long as it takes to process the request.

You have the right to access and update your personal information.

To exercise your rights, contact the General Secretariat of the CCAF at 4, rue des Iris, 98000 MONACO, Tel.: +377 98 98 43 59

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