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Marketing of financial products

In Monaco, financial products and services are marketed exclusively by firms with authorisation to operate in the country’s financial sector, under their own liability. The list of authorised firms and the activities for which they are authorised can be viewed on this website.

With some exceptions¹, firms that are not authorised by the CCAF are not permitted to market financial services, instruments, or products to private residents of Monaco, whether such marketing is solicited or not.
Unsolicited distance marketing is also prohibited, except where the person domiciled in Monaco is a client of the firm that is not authorised in the Principality.

Firms not authorised in the Principality may, however, organise events bringing together professionals from the banking and financial sectors, provided they seek and obtain permission from the CCAF in advance.
The following information must be sent to the CCAF by email (ccaf@ccaf.mc) no later than fifteen days before the event is to take place: the date, venue, and programme of the event, and the list of attendees (guests and organisers), indicating their name, position, and the firm to which they belong.

1 – Where the person domiciled in the Principality is an institutional investor, an authorised firm or a client of an authorised firm where the marketing activity is carried out through it.