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Applying for authorisation

An authorisation application must be submitted to the CCAF, duly completed and accompanied by the required supporting documents.
The application template can be found on this website. The time limit within which the Commission is required to give a decision on an application for authorisation starts when the complete application is received.

The application must include details of the following:

  • The firm’s shareholders;
  • Its managers;
  • The financial activities it intends to carry out;
  • The resources it intends to use, including human resources;
  • Any delegations of authority;
  • The handling of orders;
  • The procedures in place for the conduct and control of activities.

The firm’s shareholders and managers must also provide a certificate confirming that they are not subject to legal proceedings. Templates for these certificates are appended to the authorisation application which can be found on this website.

The Commission may ask for any additional information it sees fit, at any time.

Download the new application file (french version)