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Obligations to the CCAF

  • Changes to a fund

Changes may only be made to the full prospectus with prior authorisation from the CCAF. Fund holders must also be informed.

Such changes include but are not limited to, substantial changes to the management objective, investment strategy, and/or risk profile, a change of stakeholder or the creation of a delegation.

  • Periodic obligations

The CCAF receives regulatory reports prepared by the fund management company and certified by the auditors. One report is annual and must be submitted within three months following the close of the fiscal year, and the other is six-monthly, and must be submitted within two months following the end of the first half of the fiscal year.
For investment funds (other than real estate funds), quarterly reports are also required.
These reports are intended to document the management policy followed, and to provide information about the fund’s management along with certain accounting and off-balance sheet items.

Statistical data must also be sent to CCAF every quarter, using a predetermined template that is available on this website.

DocumentFrequencyDeadline for submission
Annual report (all funds)AnnualWithin three months following year-end
Six-monthly report (all funds)AnnualWithin two months following the end of H1
Quarterly report (all investment funds excluding real estate funds)QuarterlyWithin two months following the end of the fiscal quarter
StatisticsQuarterlyWithin one month following the end of the calendar quarter
FCP quaterly statistics template (french version)