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Full prospectus

The reference document for a Monegasque fund is the full prospectus. It comprises a simplified prospectus and a set of fund rules (with the exception of venture capital funds which only require their own rules).

The simplified prospectus must be provided to investors free of charge prior to subscription, to enable them to make a suitably informed decision. It contains a clear description of the fund’s main characteristics, and in particular its management objective, level of risk, fees, and subscription/redemption conditions.

The rules set out the way in which the fund will work.

Templates for the simplified prospectus (Annex to Ministerial Decree No. 2016-353 of 6 June 2016) and fund rules can be found on this website.

For investment funds, the full prospectus is accompanied by an investment programme containing detailed information on how the fund is managed and valued, and how the associated risks are controlled.

Ministerial Decree No. 2016-353 about Simplified prospectus (French version)
Download the template for fund rules (french version)