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Monaco’s financial centre in figures

At the end of December 2021, Monaco’s financial centre was comprised of 88 firms representing assets under management and/or advisement from Monaco totalling 74.1 billion euros.
The amount of deposits and securities totals 148 billion euros.

The credit institutions are either branches of foreign banks (15) or sociétés anonymes monégasques (12).
The management companies are all sociétés anonymes monégasques, and in 60% of cases the majority shareholder is a legal entity.

All of the credit institutions and most of the management companies provide advisory services and reception-transmission of orders.
As regards asset management, Monaco’s financial centre has historically specialised in portfolio management, with 23.2 billion euros of assets under management at the end of 2021, and a further 7.75 billion euros of assets under collective management (foreign and Monegasque funds).